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Huntsville Junior Hockey Alumni Group

Welcome Alumni:

In an effort to bring together all members of Junior Hockey in Muskoka, we are offering an Alumni Package to all.  Whether you were an athlete, bench staff, or executive from previous years, we are creating a Hockey Alumni Group for all previous junior teams played here in Huntsville as your Community Team.   We welcome members from the Otters, the Wildcats, the Bears, the Huskies, the Blair McCann's and the Merchants.

We have added a "Membership Form" for you to fill out to be part of the Huntsville Junior Hockey Alumni Group.

You will receive a 'Lifetime Season Pass' to any regular season home game of the Huntsville JrC Otters as well as an invite to all of our special events.

There is no cost associated to this Alumni Group, we just ask that you come and enjoy the companionship of other members  throughout the season, while taking in a "Good Ol' Hockey Game".


Yours in Hockey,

Huntsville Hockey Assist 

Alumni Form